Happy Birthday, Mom!

January 7, 2010

Today, Moo and I are picking up my mom and taking her to lunch at Houston’s (French Dip, here I come).  Then we’ll stroll through the Camelback pedestrian tunnel and head over to Border’s so that she and Moo can pick out a birthday book that they can enjoy together.  Then we’ll go to Mojo yogurt for dessert.  Moo and I are really looking forward to it, and hopefully I can keep her from telling my mom what her present is before she opens it (HIGHLY doubtful).  But I feel like it’s just not enough.  Not that my mom will be unhappy.  But – my mom is AWESOME.  She deserves so much.  I would like to shower her with flower petals, and have somebody famous serenade her (Celine? Barbra?).  Then I’d like to fly her to New York and take her on a shopping spree and to a Broadway show, and then to Paris and we’d visit all the museums, and then MORE shopping –maybe antiques–, and then dinner with our whole family and a big shower of confetti and balloons, and ohhhh it would never be enough.

She’s just the best.

Love you, Mom.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    awww, this is the sweetest little post! I’m sure spending the afternoon with you & Moo is really all she wants anyway! Have fun!

  2. Mama Rose's Mama Says:

    My cup runneth over!!!I was so surprised by the shower of flower petals while celine and Barbra sang the duet. How beautiful! And you know how much I love going to New York, expecially when the ground is covered with snow! Weren’t the windows at Bergdorfs fabulous? We sure did splurge on those dresses! I so enjoyed Angela Lansbury’s portrayal of Madame Artfeldt in “A Little Night Music.” And then on to Paris and the museums. I was glad I had my passport along! I will always treasure that antique necklace! It was absolutely over the top to celebrate with our whole family at the Fontaine Gaillon near the Opera Garnier. The food was out of this world! It was a perfect birthday, dear, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • mamarose Says:

      Heehee! You DESERVE it, Mom! …maybe someday I can make it really happen – well, at least a little part. 🙂 Until then, don’t forget I love you.

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