Bugs in Disguise

November 4, 2009

When Rosalind proposed going to see the butterfly exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden a couple weeks ago, I jumped at the chance.  Beautiful butterflies!  Moo would love it!

“Of course,” Rosalind said, “I probably won’t go in with you.”


“Butterflies are just bugs wearing costumes.  They don’t fool me.”

“You’re telling me you’re going to bring us to a butterfly garden and then stand outside by yourself?  Moo will be very displeased.”

“Well, maybe I’ll go in for a second.  We’ll see.”

Rosalind does not like bugs.  I don’t like bugs, but Rosalind REALLY DOES NOT LIKE BUGS.  My fear comes close, but I draw the line at butterflies – so pretty!  Granted, she’s had some negative experiences with butterfly releases gone awry at weddings she’s shot (“The butterflies–they’re everywhere!!!), but I hoped she’d have the courage to share the butterfly love with us.


She did.




Butterfly dance:


Thanks for being brave, Rosalind!  And thanks for the pictures.

The butterfly exhibit will be at the Desert Botanical Garden until November 15 – if you’re a local, I highly recommend it – so lovely and peaceful!  Word of advice:  Pick a cool day, when the butterflies are more fluttery, and go after lunch, when all the school groups are gone.


5 Responses to “Bugs in Disguise”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    To say I really don’t like bugs is quite the understatement, but these guys weren’t scary at all. I highly recommend this exhibit to everyone, it’s such a unique experience.

  2. from the wings Says:

    I especially like the two butterflies in the purple and red.

  3. Sonia Says:

    I LOVE this exhibit! Aaron and I went a few years ago and had a great time enjoying the outdoors and all the pretty flowers and butterflies. Got some fantastic colorful shots too. Even framed a few for our living room. Really should frame s’more. Definitely worth the price of admission:

  4. Beth H. Says:

    beautiful pictures! we’ve had lots of monarchs in our backyard lately & we’re loving it – they are so pretty!

  5. pam b Says:

    forget the butterflies.. i am jealous that you were able to wear a scarf and a coat. it was supposed to cool off here and its still in the mid 80s!

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