We’re All Mad Here

October 28, 2009

I think I’ve mentioned that Moo is going to be the White Rabbit for Halloween, inspired by her cousin Clara’s Alice in Wonderland dance recital – so, technically, a White Rabbit Ballerina.  Here it is in the making:

Anniversary 015

Anniversary 014

Thanks, Mom!  It’s even sparklier now that it’s almost done.

Herbie is going to be the Mad Hatter, and he has a Cat in the Hat hat which I think we can cover with colorful felt (when?), and maybe he can wear his kooky tuxedo jacket (because these are interpretive Alice in Wonderland costumes, not literal – I mean, the White Rabbit is wearing a tutu).  And I was supposed to be the Cheshire Cat, wearing this fantastic costume:

cheshire cat

(Except with modest black tights and a leotard underneath, of course.)  It’s the exact costume the cheshire cat wore in Clara’s show, and it was $23 on Amazon on September 25.  Of course I procrastinated, and on October 15, it was $50, in extra-small only.  Unfair!

I was unwilling to wear this:

cheshire cat 3

LOVE that guy.

So I made a trip to Buffalo Exchange, thinking maybe I could find something to pass off as the Cheshire Cat, or if not, Alice or the Queen of Hearts.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like people wear a lot of pink-and-purple striped clothes, or if they do, they don’t want to give them away.  And people also don’t wear light blue sundresses with pretty puffed sleeves.  So I was outta luck on Alice and Cheshire Cat.  But I did find a strapless red prom dress with a black beaded overlay (not as pretty as it sounds) that I thought I could make work for the Queen of Hearts.  Maybe if I found a cape that I could cover with felt hearts?  I dug into the men’s costume section, and finally found one used vampire cape…with what I strongly suspect is a big splotch of puke.

I still bought it.  It’s been sitting in a bag for three days waiting for me to clean it, but – ew.  I mean, I am going to just cut that part off to make a shorter, jauntier cape, but I still don’t really want to touch that thing again. 

Hopefully I’ll find my courage (perhaps I left it in my rose garden, or on the croquet court) and create the perfect heart-festooned cape out of my puke-poncho.  Then all I need is a cheap crown and a heart scepter and I’m ready to rule my minions.

**I was just about to publish this when I remembered that the whole reason I wanted to write about our Halloween costumes was because we went to Dee’s Dancewear today to get Moo her first pair of ballet shoes, and they were tiny and adorable, and I immediately turned into an Annoying Mom and insisted on showing off to the store owner (Dee?) how Moo knows how to arabesque and pas de chat and I totally embarrassed myself, and so…yeah.  Tiny ballet shoes are super cute.


One Response to “We’re All Mad Here”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    the costumes sound fantastic! sorry about the cute cat one, but i think your Queen of Hearts costume sounds awesome! even if you do have to tackle a “puke poncho.” can’t wait to see pics! i also *cannot wait* for the Tim Burton movie to come out!!!

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