New Knitted Ion?

October 20, 2009

Herbie has had two birthday parties so far (one with friends Friday night, one with family on Saturday), and still has one more to go when his parents get back from out of town. 

He seems to be enjoying all the celebrations (I mean, who wouldn’t, if you get to play Barnyard Bingo?):

Ken's Birthday 001












Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I MADE A PIE.  And it was… awesome.  Truly.  I may have even gotten a little obnoxious about it, because I could not eat two bites in a row without declaring my pie “crazy delicious.”  But only because it WAS.

Then Herbie opened his presents, and was very befuddled  to find alphabet letters (from our fridge set and Moo’s puzzle) in boxes from me, my sister, and my mom and dad. 

Ken's Birthday 008












Birthday Challenge!  Put the letters in the correct order to reveal your present!  Herbie struggled a little with this:

Ken's Birthday 012












His first guess:  


Ken's Birthday 009













I don’t know which is worse, that he thought we were giving him a charged particle wearing a cozy sweater, or that he thought we didn’t know how to spell “knitted.”

But then!

Ken's Birthday 014













Ken's Birthday 015












…And he hasn’t been to work since.


4 Responses to “New Knitted Ion?”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    awesome! i love how your family always does these wacky brain teaser gift presentations!

  2. Shelly Says:

    This is so great!!!

  3. soniar07 Says:

    Ok, how much do I LOVE the figure out your present thing. Almost more than the fact that he got a Wii. Almost. Tell him to practice so you guys can come over and play with us! And you’ll haveta bring Moo, she’ll probably help improve my game 😮

  4. mamarose Says:

    Thanks guys! My mom started that when I was little, always sending us on treasure hunts to find our presents – it’s nice to make the present-opening fun last a little longer. And don’t worry, Sonia, he’s getting PLENTY of practice (I am, too).

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