Mystery Road Trip

October 13, 2009

Still no clue where we’re going:

Anniversary 018












On the I-17, which runs north-south through the state, we’d already passed the obvious choices…maybe the little-known wonderland of Badger Springs?

Anniversary 019












But then we turned off onto a dirt road:

Anniversary 022












And I spied some incredible views of red rocks:

Anniversary 025












And Herbie finally divulged that we were descending into Sedona (WOOO!) on the very roller-coastery Schnebly Hill Road, a 100-year-old  wagon trail.  I love roller coasters.

Anniversary 035









Anniversary 037









Anniversary 039
















And after woo-hoo-ing our way down the mountain (symbolizing, perhaps, the rocky yet always exciting adventure that is marriage?), we ended up at our hotel in uptown Sedona, with a incredible view of the mountains and the bustling town.

Anniversary 044









Anniversary 047









Anniversary 049
















“Happy anniversary, Mama and Herbie!”  “Awww, thanks, Creepy Animatronic Cowboy Sheriff!”

Anniversary 051


One Response to “Mystery Road Trip”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    yay! i’ve been waiting to hear where you guys went. it looks beautiful! hope you had a wonderful time.

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