October 8, 2009

If any of you watch Oprah and saw Stephanie Nielson on the show today (the beautiful young mother of four who survived a terrible plane crash here in Arizona), I must urgently direct you to her blog, NieNie Dialogues, if you don’t read it already.

Oprah’s spot was nice and all, but it didn’t even come close to relating just how inspiring, gifted and courageous Stephanie is.  In my down moments, I think of her and feel lifted.  I aspire to her bravery and generosity of spirit, in her own life, as a wife and as a mother.  She is an amazing woman, and all mothers and anyone who has ever felt crushed by life should read her blog.

Ahem.  Yeah, so she’s pretty cool.


Especially this one.  And this.  And maybe this one, too.


One Response to “Stephanie”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    yes, they are an amazing family! i have looked at her blog before, but it was nice to be reminded of it again. truly inspiring & reminds you to count your blessings.

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