Cold Sweats

October 5, 2009

Oh shit.  Audition tonight.

I started out the morning feeling cool, figuring I’m getting better at this audition thing, because usually first thing in the morning on an audition day I have stomach cramps.  But now it’s after noon and I’m entering the catatonic fear-freeze stage, having skipped over the stomach cramps (although I’m sure they’ll turn up sooner or later).  This is where I wander around the house, sweaty and shivery, half aware of Moo playing happily in the corner. 

If she asks me to play with her I don’t know what I’ll do.  I am certainly not capable of playing “Dinosaur Train” at the moment.

Surely I am going to spontaneously combust at any moment.

I know, I’ll print out my new resumes (edited to add that nifty Zoni nomination!).  But I still haven’t thought of anything to put under “special skills.”  I can’t do accents.  Well, unless you count vaguely southern “Dinosaur Train” conductors.

Why why why does there have to be IMPROV??




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