Into the Woods

September 11, 2009

We’re off to Woods Canyon Lake for a camping weekend – our first camping trip all summer, even though Herbie declared three months ago that he wanted to go at least five times.  Whoops.  And now Herbie, our camping point man, has a cold, and I’m crossing my fingers that he sleeps it off tonight, because GOOD GOD WHO WILL MAKE THE FIRE AND PUT UP THE TENT AND KILL BUGS????

Me, I just sit by the campfire in my comfy chair and play with the kiddo.

Some pics from our camping trip last year:

































3 Responses to “Into the Woods”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    So Moo likes Corona Light, I see. Who knew?
    Have fun this weekend, guys! : )

  2. Anita Says:

    Ok, what kind of snake was that? Otherwise, looks like fun! Check out the fishing, they have stocked those Rim lakes and creeks.

  3. Katy Says:

    Aw, that picture of dirty Moo is so adorable!
    And the picture right after that is why I HATE NATURE.

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