Breakdowns and Back-Ups

September 4, 2009

I started the day banging my hairdryer on the floor in fury, because YET ANOTHER hairdryer has gone kaput on me, of course right in the middle of drying my hair, leaving my hair half-smooth, half-frizzed.  Every single hairdryer I have ever purchased, pricey or cheap, always breaks on me in less than two years.  Meanwhile, my mother-in-law has had the same hairdryer for 20 years.  I bought the same model once – one day it sparked and singed a chunk of hair off the top of my head.

Things got better when I visited Miss Lila, my hair stylist, a little later.  (Don’t ask me why I washed my hair before I went to the salon to get it washed and colored and cut.)  Lila is the best, and not only does she always get my cut and color just right, but she also always massages my head during the shampoo, ahhhhhh.  But Lila had recently been to New York for a workshop and learned cool new techniques in cutting, which she used on me, and I could tell the difference, but I’m pretty sure it took her about twice as long to cut my hair.  And with each careful snip, I felt my shopping-time ticking away. 

Finally I was outta there at 2:30, my hair looking as good as it’s capable of thanks to Lila, and I sped out to the Saks outlet Rosalind told me about, convinced that all my dress dreams would come true.  I mean – Saks!  Outlet!  Right?  But, no.  I almost called Rosalind and asked if there was some hidden room where they keep the awesome dresses, and you’re only allowed in if you know the password, but alas, it really was just a tiny area with a few Calvin Klein dresses that looked exactly like all the other dresses I’ve seen in the past few weeks.  Desperate, my no-black rule flew out the door (maybe I could get awesome shoes?) and I tried on three black dresses that made me look either boring or shapeless. 

After I gave up on Saks, I ended up at Macy’s, AGAIN.  I guess I really like Macy’s – huh.  Here in Phoenix, we have an especially nice one in an upscale shopping center called the Biltmore, and this Macy’s just seems to stock slightly nicer/more expensive things than all the other ones.  With 45 minutes to shop before I had to go pick up Moo, I swooshed around the dress department.   I mentally tossed ALL my rules and ended up with nine dresses of all colors – black, pink, brown, even YELLOW.  I do not wear yellow.  When I was a pre-teen, my mother broke the news that yellow is not my color and should be avoided at all costs (I’m a Spring, it seems – or Summer?).  I’ve always agreed, but in that moment of desperate dress-shopping, I thought – maybe my mom was wrong!  Maybe she’s just always had some deep anti-yellow prejudice, and actually I look amazing in yellow…. perhaps I will even look the BEST I HAVE EVER LOOKED in this bright yellow dress!!

Nope.  Mom was right.

I zipped and tugged my way through all nine dresses, shoo-ing away the nosy saleslady (isn’t that why I like Macy’s, because they usually don’t bother you?), and found myself in the plum Laundry dress once again.  Last Saturday, it was 50% off.  Now it was 65% off.  Done.

I still don’t like the way it cuts so high under my arms.  I mean, I don’t think I’ll be able to wear/reapply deodorant (and don’t tell me to use the clear stuff because it does not work and still leaves marks), and what if I’m really nervous (quite likely) and I get sweat marks on my pretty plum dress?

So plummy will remain a back-up dress, and I’ll keep on desperately shopping around.  Lila clued me in to some boutiques that might have some options.

Maybe they carry hairdryers, too?


2 Responses to “Breakdowns and Back-Ups”

  1. millie Says:

    My hairdryers last so long (4 in my lifetime) because I do NOT slam them onto the floor. tee hee

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    Yay, you got the plum dress…good, I was worried you would miss out on it. And, ahhhh Lila, I miss her. Haven’t found anyone nearly as good as her, here in DC. I’m glad I was able to refer you to her…I told you she was good 🙂 Be sure to post pictues on the night of the Zoni’s.

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