Games Toddlers Play

September 2, 2009

Moo’s new thing is making up games.  For instance, at dinner last night, after our traditional round of the Rainbow Colors game (finding all the colors of the rainbow, a.k.a, keeping Moo interested in staying at the dinner table), Moo suggested her own game:

Moo:  “Let’s play the Testing Game!”

Mama and Herbie:  “?????  Okay!  How do you play?”

Moo:  “FIRST, you wake up in the morning and you go swimming in the ocean.  THEN you put on your pretty dress and you EAT CUPCAKES.  Then you put on your bunny ears and you go to Nana and Grandpa’s house, and THEN you go swimming at Oma and Opa’s house, and THEN you go to Clara and Irwin’s house!!  ANDTHENALSOYOUGOTOTHEMUSEUM!”

Mama and Herbie:  “…Moo, are you describing your Perfect Day?”

Moo:  “Yessssssss…”

I don’t know what that has to do with testing, but it sounded like a pretty fun game to me.  Then it was my turn to describe my perfect day:

Mama:  “First, I sleep in verrrry late and wake up and have a big breakfast of waffles and pancakes and eggs and bacon and there is Bailey’s in my coffee.  THEN I have a new outfit to put on and somebody comes over and makes my hair look pretty.  THEN I read books and THEN I go to the Children’s Museum with Moo and Herbie and THEN we come home and have a biiiiig dance party at our house with all our friends and family and we dance, dance, dance all night long!”

Moo:  “But Mommy, you have to go to everybody’s houses!”

Mama:  “Oh no, they’re all over at our house, dancing.”

Moo:  “……well, OH-kay.”

We had a tussle over tomatoes before we got to hear Herbie’s Perfect Day.  I suspect it involves video games, a bike ride, and beer. 

I much prefer Moo’s Perfect Day game over the game she made up Monday while we were having lunch at AJ’s.  We have a tradition of playing “I Spy” while eating our tuna sandwich, and after a couple rounds, Moo interrupted.

Moo:  “I have a new game, Mommy!  It’s called, ‘I Die!”

Mama:  “Uh, what?”

Moo:  “I DIE!”

Oh, um – that’s awkward.  I am quite sure she has no idea what that word means, and just chose a word that rhymes with “spy,” but couldn’t she have picked a different rhyming word?  There are so many friendly words that rhyme with spy – fly, high, butterfly…

Moo proceeded to explain the rules of “I Die” to me while I cringed.  “You pick a card, and then you slap it down in the ocean, and then you shout, DIE DIE DIE!”

Oh great.   I very determinedly avoided the gazes of the people eating lunch around us.  “Uh-huh, so I pick up a card,” I said, miming, “and I slap it down…”

“And you shout DIE DIE DIE!” Moo finished helpfully.

“How ’bout if we shout, ‘Pie pie pie?” I suggested.  “Pie is delicious!”

“No, Mommy, you have to say DIE DIE DIE!”

Argh.  “I don’t want to say that,” I said.  “Do you know what that word means?”

“Yes!” she said confidently.  “It’s what you shout in my game!  DIE DIE DIE!”

“Hey, how ’bout apple pie?  I love apple pie!”

“But Mooooommy, you haaaaaave to say it!  DIE DIE DIE!”

I was absolutely sure people were staring at my homicidal two-year-old now.

“But, Moo-”

“DIE DIE DIE!” she said gleefully.  “Come on, Mommy!”

“But, I- hey, chocolate pie?”


“Oh, fine, okay, diediedie,” I whispered, slapping my invisible game card down in the invisible ocean.

Moo smiled happily and took a swig of milk.  “You say chocolate, Mommy?”

Jeez – I guess I need to think of some new games.


10 Responses to “Games Toddlers Play”

  1. pam b Says:

    THAT was downright hilarious. and benjamin could EASILY put me in that position as well

  2. Swistle Says:

    I totally love her perfect day, but I like yours even better.

    • mamarose Says:

      I left out the part where a whole team of housecleaners comes over while we’re out and cleans the whole house. I bet that’s in your perfect day, too. 🙂

  3. kristi Says:

    I KNOW. Buncha little weirdos. 😉

  4. Beth H. Says:

    awkward! so funny though – Moo is so creative it kills me! (no pun intended)

  5. Rosalind Says:

    I laughed out loud at the first “Die Die Die”- that is hilarious.

  6. mamarose Says:

    Luckily it seems like it was only a one-time game. Kids really are nutso – today Moo informed me that my name is now Elizabeth Dragon. Which is actually a totally awesome name, and may become my new pseudonym.

  7. Leslie Says:

    OMG I am IN TEARS with laughter… I actually cannot see what I am typing because my eyes are blurred with tears… I am also @ work, without tissues and certainly have smudged mascara…

  8. Katy Says:

    “FIRST, you wake up in the morning and you go swimming in the ocean. THEN you put on your pretty dress and you EAT CUPCAKES.”
    That might just be my perfect day, too. Replacing the ocean with a pool, though, as the ocean scares the bejesus out of me (and by “ocean” I mean “SHARKS, jellyfish, sea urchins, sting rays, et al.”)
    Elizabeth Dragon! What a fantastic name! And I loved her little dragon outfit in those pictures you posted. SO CUTE. I want a dragon outfit.

    • mamarose Says:

      I’m afraid of the ocean too! There could be a sting ray or a jellyfish or a GIANT BLUE WHALE right next to you and you would have nooooo idea. That freaks me out. And the one time I went snorkeling I got stung (bitten?) by a sea urchin and had the poky thing stuck in my ankle for like a year.

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