Oof. And also, Meh.

September 1, 2009

Bad cold (Moo and me) + evil canker sore (just me) = crappy week.  BUT – good diet.

I am not prone to canker sores, so I don’t know what was up with this sucker, but it would NOT go away, and as a result all I could do for a whole week was nibble graham crackers and slurp soup.  And the shed pounds would be great for going out and trying on dresses for the Zoni awards, but I felt so awful I could barely manage to roll off the couch to feed my child.

Finally, on Saturday, the pain and congestion haze eased up a bit and I found myself in the car on the way to Nordstrom.  Herbie looked at me kinda funny when I said I wanted to go shopping, considering I’d barely grunted three words at him all week, but I had to get out of the house, and seriously, time is running short and I need a dress.

No, not just a dress.  An AMAZING dress.  An amazing dress that I can afford.

That exists, right?

I thought I’d find dress nirvana at Nordstrom, but I didn’t even find any tempting enough to try on, and yes, I did get up the nerve to look in the “Special Occasions” alcove, where the salesladies divebomb you as soon as you cross the threshold. 

I ended up at Macy’s, again, and found a handful of dresses to try on, including one I’d tried on previously, now 50% off!  Here it is, with the other top contender:

Silly 017



















My favorite is on the right.  It’s actually a pretty plum color, and although it looks shapeless on the hanger, it’s very flowy and makes me look skinny (YES).  The other one is kinda sexy/slutty, in a way I think Herbie would love, but I’d be afraid to eat anything all night.  I almost bought the plum one, as a just-in-case-I-don’t-find-anything-better dress, but then my nose got all stuffed up again and suddenly I just wanted to be back home on the couch.

So here I am, three weeks to go and I haven’t found anything very enticing.  I thought I would find myself torn between 10 or so different stunning dresses, but it’s hard to find anything that I think will please me, Herbie, and any potential directors I might talk to at the Zoni’s.  It’s also getting increasingly hard to resist the color black.

And what about shoes??

Mmmm, shoes….

glitter shoes















What?  It’s an investment!


4 Responses to “Oof. And also, Meh.”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    I like the plum one over the sexy/slutty one too. The fabric on sexy/slutty looks like it would get really wrinkly as soon as you put on your seat belt, and I know how wrinkles can ruin your day.

  2. Emily Blagg Says:

    So, have you gone back to buy the pretty plum one? It’s 50% off, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you afraid someone else will snatch it up. It’s very pretty…keep us posted on what you end up getting and wearing to the Zoni’s (by the way, hope your cold is gone and you’re feeling better).

  3. […] why I like Macy’s, because they usually don’t bother you?), and found myself in the plum Laundry dress once again.  Last Saturday, it was 50% off.  Now it was 65% off.  […]

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