Back to the Beach

August 26, 2009

After Moo and I made our last trip to the beach, leaving Herbie behind, we realized he hadn’t been to the beach since Moo was four months old:



We decided we couldn’t let another year go by before Herbie had the pleasure of playing in the surf with a giggling girl, so we pounced on my sister and fam in Redondo Beach again this past weekend.

But at first, Moo refused to get in the water.  She squealed and kicked and tried to climb on top of Herbie’s head.  We retreated back to the sand toys, worried that our beach trip would be a bust.  But a little later, we walked back down to the water.  She refused to get her toes wet once again, until I dangled this magical bit of word wonder:  “Can you be brave like Caillou?”  Personally, I don’t really think Caillou is exactly the Steve Irwin of cartoon toddlers, but Moo thought for a moment, and nodded her head somberly.  And then:

Redondo Beach 020

Redondo Beach 060

Redondo Beach 059


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