Oregon and GeerCrest Farm

August 8, 2009

So of course, our family vacation to Oregon coincided with the biggest heat wave Oregon has ever seen in recorded history.  At our fantastic cabin, where our closest neighbors were three apple-hungry horses, we sweat a LOT.  But after I ingeniously improvised some curtains out of blankets to keep the heat out, and we wisely realized that we should probably avoid turning on the oven, we all had a great time.

I was so worried that Moo, ripped from her normal routine and on an anti-nap streak, would be grumpy and sleep-deprived the whole time, but she quickly adjusted, starting with our hike at Silver Falls State Park:

Oregon 020

The next day, we visited GeerCrest, the old family farm, where my dad’s…grandmother?? once lived (I’ve heard these stories 10 million times, why can I not retain the correct information?) and where Erika the Farm Goddess now reigns over a family of volunteers and animals, teaching the agrarian lifestyle and changing the lives of  any and all hapless folks and children who wander within arm’s length.  Erika is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met, right next to 92-year-old Vesper (my dad’s…cousin??), the woman who, along with my grandmother, made me fall in love with the farm when I visited over the course of three years in my teens.

Oregon 057

Father watching daughter watching a (barely visible) frog:

Oregon 070


Moses, Chief Goat, who once disappeared with the entire herd in order to rescue a lost member of the family, inspiring the popular film, “Saving Private Udder”:

Oregon 065

Moo got a little tired after raking out the stables and working in the fields all day:

Oregon 078

Irwin and Clara, collecting eggs: 

Oregon 083

While Moo seemed less-than-enchanted by the farm, demanding we carry her everywhere (“Come on, Grandpa, don’t you want to pick me up?”), Irwin and Clara seemed to fall in love.  Clara just had to sit next to Erika at every meal, and Irwin took notes on everything she said.  They even got to milk the goats, which I will spare you pictures of, and just leave you with this picture of Moo and Clara relaxing on a swing dedicated to the farm’s matriarch, now and forever:

Oregon 093


One Response to “Oregon and GeerCrest Farm”

  1. kristi Says:

    That first picture is precious!

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