Happy Birthday Rosalind!

July 27, 2009

Rosalind turned 35 on Saturday – for the record, still not old

To celebrate her not old-ness, we visited Smeeks, a brand-new candy shop in town, right next to the best boutique in Phoenix, Frances.

I have found heaven on Earth, and it is called Smeeks:

Smeeks 019

Smeeks 003

Smeeks 022


Smeeks 029


Smeeks 030

Smeeks 025


We treated ourselves to root beer barrels, Skybars, Chick-O-Sticks, candy cigarettes (which we smoked while buying movie tickets later), cupcake lipgloss (see above) and an ice cream cone that is actually a pen/lip gloss COMBO!  Genius.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Rosalind!”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    oooohhh!! who makes the cupcake lipgloss? i gotta have it.

  2. kristi Says:

    Rosalind deserves all the Chick-O-Sticks in the world!!

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