Channeling My Inner Vanna White

July 24, 2009

Today I’m helping out Steve, my dear brother-in-law, by playing game show bimbo at a corporate event.  Ohhh, if only that were the case and I could wear a red-sequined gown and stuff my bra!  Unfortunately, I have to wear khaki pants and a Hawaiian shirt.  Boo.

Steve owns Feet First Events, which he started in college as a DJ company and has since turned into a party EMPIRE.  You name a huge corporation that has reached great heights and since gone bankrupt, and Steve has probably thrown a freaking awesome party for them.  (Probably not celebrating their bankruptcy, but you get the idea.)  So today, Steve has a gig with an accounting firm here in the Valley, and I’m helping him out by playing the role of the chick who stands behind a lectern and pushes buttons on a laptop (while smiling), while two much more talented and funny fellas run the game show part of the event.  There will be cheesy jokes, there will probably be impromptu rapping, and there will be many young accounting interns who will cause me to look in the mirror afterwards and think, “Ugh!  Dowdy.  And OLD.”

I say I’m helping Steve, but really he’s helping me – as payment, Steve gave me a free plane ticket for our family trip to Oregon next week.  Hooray!  Good ol ‘Steve.

Maybe I could just wear a sequined, Hawaiian-print bustier?  C’monnn, Steve!


2 Responses to “Channeling My Inner Vanna White”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    funny! where are you guys going in Oregon?

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