Bad Dream

July 23, 2009

For two years, I was spared of bad dreams about Moo. As someone who remembers all her dreams, I was grateful. Then, right at 2, they hit with a vengeance. Lately, I keep having dreams that Moo is missing.  She’s there one second, playing Tigger and Pooh, then she vanishes. I tear around screaming her name.  (Which would be kind of funny if her name were really Moo, because everyone around me would just think I was a crazy cow lady.)  Sometimes I realize it’s a dream, and I start screaming “WAKE UP!” to myself because I feel like my entire body is going to break apart from terror.  Sometimes I never figure it out, and struggle to call 911 (why do the numbers keep moving around?!), or do something ridiculous like look for her under the sofa cushions.

Then a small “coo” wakes me up and I lay there sweating for a moment, before I leap out of bed to check on her as she naps. It’s all I can do to leap into her crib and cover her with kisses.

Serves me right for taking a nap while my poor husband slaves away at the office…


One Response to “Bad Dream”

  1. kristi Says:

    You’re bringing to mind every vivid bad dream I’ve had about my kids. AW.FUL. They’re SO REAL and so AWFUL. So so awful.

    Justin had one once about Gracie that woke him up crying – he wasn’t the same for days.

    Hope you get your sweet dreams back!

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