Summer Rain

July 21, 2009

 We had our first real summer storm last night, and while Moo played in the playroom and Herbie hunted for clean pajamas, I washed dishes and listened to the wind thudding against the carport door.  No rain yet, but the thunder had started – I cringed at the first thudding BOOM.  I thought for sure this would be the moment that Moo discovered the terror of thunder (I was NOT a fan as a kid).  I waited for her to run into the kitchen and grab my legs, but even as another clap of thunder boomed, she did not appear.  I peeked into the playroom and there she was, laying on her tummy flipping through “Froggy Went A-Courtin.”  Huh.

My kid – not afraid of thunder?  Crazy.  I mean, I had the whole story about angels bowling ready to go.  Although I also liked the idea of unicorns at a rock concert… and I was considering this angle when I suddenly realized it was pouring rain outside.

“Moo!”  I shrieked.  “It’s raining!  Let’s go!”

I yanked on my shoes and scooped her up, flinging open the door and fairly leaping out to the carport.  There’s something about living in Phoenix, being starved for rain, water, breeze, or any change at all from day after day of blazing sun, that just makes you go a little nuts when the clouds finally burst.

The wind made us squint, but it felt cool on our faces, so we giggled and reached out our hands to let the rain pouring off the roof splash off our fingers and ricochet onto our cheeks.  We advanced little by little into the storm, then retreated, hee-hee-ing, back to safety behind the car whenever the wind whipped against us. 

“The raindrops are dancing in circles!” Moo shouted.  “All the raindrops, brothers and sisters and mommies and daddies and nanas and grandpa raindrops – they’re DANCING!  Let’s get Daddy!”

So we called Herbie outside and he immediately scooped Moo into his arms and ran with her out into the rain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” they squealed together.

My inner Uptight Mom wanted to give Herbie the stinkeye and suggest that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea – what if they slipped?  What if Moo got sick?  What if lightning struck?  But there wasn’t any lightning, and besides, it was exactly what I’d been dying to do since we first pounced out into the storm.

As soon as they bounded back under the carport, smiling silly, lopsided grins, Moo shouted, “Again!  Again!”

And I scooped her up myself, and ran out into the cool summer rain with my squealing little girl, and danced circles in the driveway, just like the raindrops.

“I LOVE THE RAIN!” Moo shouted to the heavens.

Me too, my dear.  Me too.


2 Responses to “Summer Rain”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    great story! i can just picture all of y’all frolicking about! so cute. ok now, send some of that rain our way, please! we’re dying over here.

  2. pam b Says:

    i never realized (until facebook) that everyone else thinks the monsoons are awesome too! its such a unique thing to phoenix .. i am almost a little sad i dont get to do this with my kids!

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