Children’s Museum

July 17, 2009

After the Cheerio Incident yesterday, we needed a happier day, and we found it in a trip to the Phoenix Children’s Museum with my mom.  I was nervous, because our last visit ended in tears (mine, not Moo’s), but luckily the museum wasn’t overrun by school groups or mean moms, and we had a lovely time.

It really is an enchanting place.  That’s the noodle forest, beyond the origami birds:

Children's Museum 034 

I love the small touches throughout the museum.  Can you find Mr. Potato Head?

 Children's Museum 030


And I love how happy the museum makes my kiddo:

Children's Museum 005


3 Responses to “Children’s Museum”

  1. Friday Tuesday Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Your photos make me want to go there! Its given me some fabulous ideas! Thank You!

  2. Beth H. Says:

    Glad you had a fun day – it looks like a super-cool place. And yay for your success with the time out – way to stick to it! You are an awesome mom & I know you’ll do fine. : ) p.s. I don’t even have kids, but love the Super Nanny! she is a total badass.

  3. pam b Says:

    msut remember to go there the next time we are in town. i always feel like i dont have regular activities planned for benjamin when we come

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