Best Navel-Gazing

June 29, 2009

I received a sweet surprise yesterday at Tempe Little Theatre’s end-of-season party – an award with a guy on it who looks like he might have a bad tummyache, but actually he’s taking a bow.  My name is engraved on it and everything!  I even had to make a speech!  I thought about thanking Herbie, but after all we were in a small community room, not the Shrine Auditorium, and I thought people might roll their eyes.  I won the award for best actress in a featured role, for my little role as the crazed stage manager in “Kiss Me Kate” last fall.

To drop the ironic detachment for just a moment – it’s just so incredible to me that for so many years, I believed the theatre world was as impenetrable as, oh…the UCLA Medical Center last Thursday?  Complete with angry guards ready to beat me down upon approach.  I have found the opposite – theatre groups that have welcomed me, encouraged me, and even given me awards to boot.  I’m trying not to think about all the years I wasted sitting at home thinking it was such a scary world.  I’ll just enjoy my little tummyache man instead.

Looking ahead, Herbie says that I should audition for as many shows as I like and not worry about him and Moo.  (Herbie is a pretty wonderful guy.)  But I feel like I should try to get myself on some sort path that would lead to making money, not that my hazy plan (writing?? oh yeah, big moneymaker) is a surefire hit.  I’ve been struggling the last few months, missing the security of having a quest, knowing my purpose and even having a handy-dandy set of rules to follow.  Now I’m twisting – enjoying Mommyhood but feeling a whole lot of blankness all around me.  What’s next, little tummyache man?  Do tell, do tell.


4 Responses to “Best Navel-Gazing”

  1. Cat Says:

    I am so sorry I missed seeing you get that award. Our friends kidnapped us to Jerome for a quick get-away. Lynn really wanted to sleep in a haunted hotel, but was jumping out of her skin at every noise. I think she was serious about sleeping in the car if any really did appear. I demand wine time with you. The good kind – not the toddler kind. Let me know when you are free.

  2. Beth H. Says:

    Congrats, Mama Rose! that is awesome. and i totally know what you mean about thinking that the theatre scene was some kind of impenetrable world – i thought the same thing about the craft-trepreneur scene, and now I’m totally IN, even a leader of sorts here in Austin. funny! ah well, let’s not look back & regret “wasted” time – just make each coming day even better!

  3. KATE Says:

    Congratulations and well deserved! I wish I was there to hug you myself, but I’m sure you got many!

  4. mamarose Says:

    Thanks guys! Beth, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one intimidated by imagined obstacles, and yes yes, let’s look forward instead of back. Very curious to know what you’re up to next…

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