Pierre et Suzanne

June 8, 2009

Two more ballet classes down! 

I had the Pierre Experience again last Tuesday, where he showed signs of a sense of humor (“It’s okay if you’re on the wrong leg.  You only have two legs – you’ll figure it out eventually!”) and even admitted that he wasn’t teaching a beginning-level class.  He explained, in his delightful Stueyesque voice, that he just wants us to keep moving, and we should keep up as best we can.  That’s all fine and dandy, but when you have about five people shuffling cluelessly across the floor everytime we danced a new combination, I’d say that’s a sign something’s not quite right.  But even though I was stuck at the front of the barre again, I did much better, and Pierre even smiled at me – twice!  Maybe it was my newfound sense of I-Will-Not-Let-You-Win-This-Standoff-You’re-Completely-Unaware-Of,-Pierre! or maybe I just got my ballet legs working again. 

I’m starting to find Pierre fascinating.  At one moment, he’ll be laughing at himself for momentarily forgetting the combination, and then the next moment he’s shouting, “WILL NO ONE HELP ME MOVE THIS BARRE?” I think I might love him.  Once, after my group had finished our pirouette (turn) combination, Pierre looked in my general direction and said, “It’s very disappointing to see you do a single pirouette.  Especially someone of your training – what a waste.  Please, you must always try double pirouettes.”  This is the problem with not wearing glasses in dance class – I have no idea if he was talking to me or not.  I have definitely had some training, and I suppose it shows, but then I looked to my right, and saw another girl who also definitely had some training.  I didn’t even know if I should nod or not, so I just gave Pierre a vaguely affirmative expression.  The next time around, I did double pirouettes, and I heard a loud, “YES!  Very good!”  But of course, the other girl was dancing right next to me.  Either way, I’m never doing a single pirouette in Pierre’s class again, and I suppose motivation, even when caused by extreme near-sightedness, is always a good thing.

Then Saturday I went to ballet yet again (coupled with Moo’s frequent demand that we “eggersize,” a.k.a. I do sit-ups while she dances to Beyonce, I’m getting in great shape!), and discovered Pierre’s antithesis – the easy-going, normal-sized Susanne.  Suzanne greeted almost everyone in the class by name, asked about their kids, and cranked down the thermostat (always a big plus in a dance teacher – some teachers seem to consider dance class an opportunity for torture-by-sweating).  I didn’t even realize she was the teacher until she signaled the pianist to begin playing.  Suzanne reviewed every combination multiple times and kept the pace easy-peasy.  I must admit, it was a sweet, sweet feeling to be the best one (along with a few others) in the class.

Between Pierre and Suzanne, I think I should be able to develop a fairly healthy ballet ego, and maybe even a flatter stomach.


3 Responses to “Pierre et Suzanne”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    still wondering what your aversion to contact lenses is – it would make your life so much easier. : )

  2. Katy Says:

    I’m so happy you had a more positive experience this time around!

  3. […] 3, 2009 I believe I’ve made my last visit to Pierre’s House of Pain (a.k.a. ballet class).  My last class with Pierre started out well – when we started […]

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