Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Republic

June 5, 2009

Rosalind always has the inside word on the coolest, newest, yummiest places in town, so when she sent me an email describing a new ice cream shop in Scottsdale that made “artisan ice cream and sorbet,” I immediately drooled on my keyboard.

We finally made it out there this afternoon, after lunch at Oregano’s, where I told Moo that she’d have to eat all her lunch if she wanted a sweet treat afterwards.  She called my bluff and promptly declared that she did not like pizza, so I had to negotiate a compromise (because there was no way I was skipping the ice cream, I’d been dreaming about it all day) in which she promised to eat lunch after her nap.  I’m still not sure which one of us was manipulated in that situation.

Sweet Republic is glorious.  They have over 100 flavors, offering about 25 per day, so you never know what you’re going to find, except you can usually count on some of the favorites (Salted Butter Caramel!) and some of the infamous (Blue Cheese and Date!).  I think Rosalind and I frightened the owner when we arrived and immediately asked if there was a limit on how many flavors we could taste.  “Uh, nooooo…” she replied, obviously concerned that we were going to mini-spoon her right out of business.  We tried Basil Lime, Malted Vanilla, Mojito Citrus, and of course Blue Cheese, which was – oh goodness, indescribably dreamy.  We finally settled on Peaches n’ Cream and Salted Butter Caramel, and Moo chose easily – pink!  We added some whipped cream and mini chocolate chips so she would be as excited as we were.

Sweet Republic 002

I ended up taking home a big bag of ice cream to-go (not the most practical purchase in Phoenix), so that I could share the sweet creaminess with all my loved ones.  Or – that was the idea… but I did leave Herbie a few bites.

Sweet Republic 005
















Sweet Republic 008

Sweet Republic – check it out for yourself! (Cuz I’m not sharing.)


2 Responses to “Sweet, Sweet, Sweet Republic”

  1. Katy Says:

    I love Sweet Republic! My friend Devyn works there!

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