No Pictures, Please

May 20, 2009

Saturday night, Moo ate the best dinner she’d eaten in maybe months.  Tons of quiche, watermelon, even broccoli! and some ice cream.  Then, at midnight, she awoke with coughing and screaming for us.  I opened the door, wondering what that smell was, and quickly figured out that she’d thrown up her entire dinner.

Now she’ll NEVER eat broccoli again!

As Herbie cuddled with her on the couch, rubbing her back and wiping her clean following the aftershocks, I attacked her bedroom.  As I scrubbed the carpet, I thought, “Ah, this is parenthood – the part nobody takes pictures of.”

She got back to bed a few hours later, and the next day was sick-free, so on Monday I let her have milk and all her favorites (blackberries, cheese).  We had two mighty battles over lunch and dinner, with Moo insisting that she was done after two bites, and me lecturing her over the importance of eating so that the nutrients in the food can boost her immunity and make her stronger.  Moo:  “??????”  At one point, I asked if her tummy felt okay, and she gave me a calculating glance, then grabbed her stomach and proclaimed, “OWWWW!”  Uh-huh.

After dinner, we played, had a bath, and she chased Caa around the house until the crazy parrot figured out that he had her pacifier stuck on his wing (a nightly ritual with Herbie).  She fell asleep without a peep, and at exactly midnight:  BLECH.

I spent the next hour crying because I’d forced my sick daughter into eating, and also she clearly had a terrible and very rare digestive disease.  Herbie realized I needed to stop punishing myself with sick clean-up and handed over our whimpery girl, who cuddled with me for the next couple hours.  The nurse on-call assured me that this was all very normal, yawning and saying, “Call back if she suddenly develops a high fever or rash or whatever…”  Grr.  Please do not “whatever” my child, thank you very much.

Yesterday was all about Rice Krispies (no milk, of course) and apple juice, and we had a peaceful night.  Tonight at midnight will be the real test, of course.  Herbie and I are planning a vigil around the monitor.  In the meantime, I’m keeping my lectures to myself, and currently allowing Moo to watch her fourth Caillou of the morning.  Ah, guilt.


One Response to “No Pictures, Please”

  1. kristi Says:

    By kid 3, you’ll ‘whatever’ your own child. 😉

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