Spaghetti Dogs

May 17, 2009

Perhaps the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

…And yet, I can’t stop staring.

spaghetti hot dog










I think we might have to have this for dinner tomorrow night.  I feel compelled to see it in person.

Courtesy of plum pudding.


7 Responses to “Spaghetti Dogs”

  1. from the wings Says:

    What is the keyboard symbol face for ‘I’m going to barf’?

  2. mamarose Says:

    So, I can’t tell, would that be a vote against having it for dinner tomorrow?

  3. pam b Says:

    all i am going to say here is: pancakes

  4. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    I was just thinking that it looks kinda rad.

    It probably tastes like shit, but it looks kinda rad.

  5. Beth H. Says:

    that is kind of fascinating. but i wouldn’t actually eat it. i just like looking at it.

  6. KATE Says:

    Kinda like a food necklace. That’s pretty cool, though I wouldn’t cook hot dogs as long as spaghetti, so either the hot dogs are really soggy or the spaghetti is pre al dente.

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