May 15, 2009

Meet Candybot:

 Birthdays Etc. 103









He came to live with us over a month ago for Moo’s robot birthday party, as Irwin and Clara’s contribution to the Great Robot Contest.  Candybot won the contest – I mean, he’s covered in candy.  Plus, he can sing and dance, and he (used to) light up.

But now, well – Candybot is just ant bait.  We haven’t seen any ants yet, but I know they’ll find Candybot eventually.

I’ve prepared Moo for the fact that Candybot will have to “go home” pretty soon.  Trash pick-up is today, so last night I handed down Candybot’s sentence and asked Herbie to, um, usher Candybot to his final destination.

Unfortunately I asked Herbie to do this when he was about 30 seconds from sleep, and so Herbie took off this morning without taking care of Candybot.  The trash truck hasn’t come yet – so I could do it.  I sat down next to Candybot, moved him about a foot, examined his so-far-untouched petrified candy body… and I just couldn’t do it.  His pipe cleaner eyes begged me to spare him.

What is wrong with me?  There just has to be a more dignified way for Candybot to depart.  I can’t bear dumping him into the trash can.  Would it be weird to bury him?


2 Responses to “Candybot”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Yes… a burial would be weird.

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