Future Bruin

May 12, 2009

We spent the weekend at Bruin Woods, the UCLA alumni camp my sister and brother-in-law worked at as counselors in college, and now where they visit with their own family every summer.  Why didn’t I go to UCLA?!?!  To celebrate their 40th birthdays, they rented out the whole damn thing for the weekend and invited ohh about 60 of their closest friends to celebrate.  Bruin Woods is…. well it just might be heaven.  We swam, we took a boat ride, we played on the great lawn, we strolled down to the lodge every time the dinner bell rang and grazed on the giant buffet.  Platters  of brownies and cookies magically appeared – bottles of wine, too!  And of course, it just wouldn’t be a Fiona-and-Steve celebration without elaborate games.  Saturday night, we pretended like we were on “Project Runway” and created outfits representing random pictures (like a stack of pancakes!) out of things like foil, coffee filters, and yarn.  Sunday we went on an “Amazing Race”-style hunt around the camp, solving puzzles and challenges like building a giant tinker toy tower in two minutes.

In short, we had a marvelous time (until that flat tire on the way down the mountain), and have already begun brainwashing Moo so that she will attend UCLA and bring us back to Bruin Woods to play when we’re wrinkly and gray.

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One Response to “Future Bruin”

  1. Emily Blagg Says:

    I love this video, almost as much as the Father’s Day one. And you always pick the best songs to go along with your videos.

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