That’s Entertainment

May 4, 2009

Big theatre weekend for me – on Saturday night, Herbie and I miraculously made it to Katy-Molly’s performance of Man of La Mancha at Desert Stages, even though I was a lazy slug and waited to get tickets until they were sold out.  Herbie and I got showed up anyway, got on the waiting list, got tipsy next door at Coco’s and finally made it into the tiny theatre-in-the-round at the last second, although we didn’t get to sit together.  I sat in the front row, where (happily) I had the best possible view to watch Katy-Molly twirl beautifully, and (unhappily) smelled like sweaty actor by the time the show was over.  VERY small theater.

Then last night my Mom and I went to the Celebration of Dance performance and got to see dear beloved Mary the Director, who functions as sort of an Ambassador of Dance in Arizona.  The annual show consists of a wide variety of dance companies, schools and soloists who audition to take part.  We saw everything from belly-dancing to break-dancing, and I loved every second.

Some Lessons Learned During my Theatre Weekend:

1.  Don’t sit in the front row at Desert Stages Theatre.

2.  DO sit anywhere else – they do amazing things in a teeny tiny space.  Wonderful, creative staging!

3.  I know virtually nothing about the Spanish Inquistion.

4.  I wish I had a cool Spanish name like Aldonza (even though she’s a desperate trollop).

5.  Belly dancers have AMAZING bodies.  Am seriously considering belly-dance lessons.

6.  Celtic dancing – not as boring as you’d think!

7.  Apparently I have very firm opinions about dance.  Dear modern dancers:  are you running off stage and on stage, throwing yourself on the ground, doing small stacatto isolations, grabbing your head/knees/stomach, then running off stage again?  I’ve seen it before.  THINK OF SOMETHING NEW.  Please.

8.  Also – Dear dance studios of the world:  Please do not make your young dancers pull stupid faces.  They look like blowup dolls.

9.  Finally, someone else who believes that ABBA’s Chiquitita is long overdue for a dance tribute!

10.  Tap-dancing lives!!  I have a big, big crush on Mike Wittmers, who tore up the floor to a version of Sting’s “Walking on the Moon.”  He was by far the favorite dancer of the evening, receiving round after round of rousing WOO’s, especially after he danced with the sexy belly-dancer during the curtain call.

 Biggest lesson learned – Phoenix is brimming over with talent.  After my last few theatre outings, I am convinced that the Valley (and its sister cities) is filled with incredibly skilled dancers, actors and singers.  It makes me wonder why so many of the professional theaters still bring in outside talent from LA, when they have so many wonderful options right here in town.  Buy local!


3 Responses to “That’s Entertainment”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    #7 is hilarious (because it’s SO TRUE!!!)

  2. Katy Says:

    I’m so happy you guys made it! 😀 And survived the front row…That was actually one of our non-audience participation nights. During one show, a wet rag from Aldonza’s bucket was accidentally flung into someone’s lap, and during another, Sancho messed up the catching-of-the-Golden-Helmet bit and it almost hit an audience member square in the face…Oops.

    You would be surprised at the amount of modern dance cliches that remain constantly-used. I’m very picky about pieces at ASU because so many of them use the same, pseudo-avant garde crap over and over and OVER! WHY?! There’s so much more to do than cliches!!! GAH. I get very angry. Next time I see you, I’ll demonstrate some of the moves that are used ad nauseam in pieces at ASU (particularly by those who are attempting to choreograph for the first time)….

  3. from the wings Says:

    11. DO hit Coco’s for hefty glasses of wine before every show

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