Too Close to Home

April 29, 2009

Arizona’s first confirmed swine flu case is a young boy who attends the elementary school down the street.

Safe to say I have taken a sharp left turn from this morning’s peaceful glow into frenzied panic.  I know a lot of the hysteria right now is media-driven, but apparently I am a sucker for media fear-mongering.

We might be holing up in the house for a while.  No!  We shouldn’t let this panic keep us from living our lives!  On the other hand, freaking PANDEMIC.  And what’s wrong with just playing at home for the next oh, say 3 months?

I really must calm down.  RIGHT?!?!  Oh shit shit shit.


2 Responses to “Too Close to Home”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    it is scary. texas has actually had 26 confirmed cases this year. the CDC has a fact page that may make you feel better: educate yourself & then ignore the media hype, that’s what i say. : )

  2. pam b Says:

    i seriously think you are more at risk to get MRSA! just wash hands and dont swap spit with sick people 😉

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