April 24, 2009

What is love? 

Love is when you tap your sleeping husband on the shoulder well after midnight and hand him your tube of toothpaste, with which you hope to brush your teeth, but for its horribly mangled shape, making it impossible to procure any of the magic tooth cleanser inside.

Sure, you could probably manage to squeeze all the toothpaste from the bottom to the top.  But your husband does it – well, like this:












And even though it’s after midnight and he’s been asleep for half an hour, your husband takes the mangled tube from you without a word and performs his toothpaste tube magic, handing it back to you with a nod and a sleepy smile when you thank him.

Every single time, lo these past nearly-seven years.

To me, that’s love.


4 Responses to “Brusha-Brusha”

  1. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Best definition ever.

  2. kristi Says:

    Promise me you’ll print & frame this & hang it in your bathroom. True love indeed! 🙂

  3. Beth H. Says:

    wow. that IS love. i mean, if it were me, i would’ve showed you how to do it yourself the second time you asked me to do it. but i’m just impatient like that. yay for love!

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