I’d Like to Thank My Agent and My Lawyer…

April 20, 2009

Yesterday we attended Desert Foothills Theater’s end-of-season party, and I have a little bragging to do – I won an award!

DFT gives “Annie awards” to actors and productions voted on (I think) by the audience and the artistic committee.  And I won the (favorite? most pizzazziest?  most blonde?) Actress in a Musical award!

Okay, so DFT only put on one musical this year, but still!  I was very excited.  I mean, I tried to act cool, but I think the last award I won was 3rd place in my 4th-grade relay run, and I didn’t get to wear fringe for that, so let’s just say I enjoyed this one a bit more.

Thanks DFT, and thanks to all my friends and family who probably stuffed the ballot box!


4 Responses to “I’d Like to Thank My Agent and My Lawyer…”

  1. Cat Says:


  2. Danny Says:

    Hey you, congratulations!!! I would say you’re the pizzazziest person I know!

  3. Katy Says:

    DUHH! I knew you’d win one!

  4. Katie Burke Says:

    Congratulations, Mama Rose!

    How exciting and – since memory still serves – very well deserved. You’re living your dream and being recognized for it! What could be better than that?

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