Attack of the Four-Foot-Tall Cousins

April 14, 2009

Once the show and Moo’s birthday party were over, I was ready to sleep for a week and try to convince Moo to do so as well.  Only problem with my plan?  Cousin madness!

Okay, so Moo only has three cousins – I know lots of people have, like, 23.  But when you come from a small family, three cousins all in town at the same time feels something like this:

Wake up!  Here’s a waffle!  Yes, you can have more syrup!  Let’s go to the railroad park!  Sunscreen! Yes you have to put it on!  Slide, sand, traaaain ride!  Ice Cream!  Next day – Wake up!  Here’s a cereal bar!  Let’s go to the zoo!  YES YOU HAVE TO WEAR THE SUNSCREEN.  Agh, why did you just pour dirt over your sticky sunscreen skin?  Birds!  Giraffes!  No, penguins!  No, tiny poison frogs!  No, snakes!  No, ICEEE!  Traaaain ride!  Next day – Wake up!  Here’s a Cheerio I found on the floor!  Let’s go to the Children’s Museum!  Run, jump, fall down, cry!  Ahhhh children EVERYWHERE!  Must escape, must escape, must-


Sometimes, I really think I’d like to stick with just the one little whirlwind.  But they are so cute.  And naturally, the cousins had a marvelous time.

Showing off her new robot ball:

















Clara and Irwin riding the train at the railroad park:











Aunt Fiona and Moo:

















A few moments of perfect ice cream bliss:











The tried-and-true “Jump, Penguins, Jump” ritual dance at the zoo:











Except it didn’t work this time.  The penguins refused to jump, and one excreted penguin-colored poop (white, duh) in Irwin’s general direction as a sign of its general disdain for our silly human antics.  But we still had a good time:











And I haven’t moved from the couch since Friday.


One Response to “Attack of the Four-Foot-Tall Cousins”

  1. from the wings Says:

    Yay cousins!

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