New York New Hmm?

April 13, 2009

About halfway through the finale of our final show, jazz hands wiggling, blasting out, “NEW YORK NEW YOOOORK,” I completely checked out.

I was ready for a robot birthday party.











I managed to reign in my thoughts about cupcake sprinkles and whether I’d remembered to clean the toilet long enough for the big finish, and then after many happy hugs with family and cast members, I zoomed back home, shedding my sequins for my ever-so-comfortable mommy jeans.

At home, we frantically washed dishes and blew up balloons in the last few minutes before robot chaos completely erupted.  Moo was happily caught up in the swirl of cousins, presents (snakes! baby doll!), pizza, and, of course… ROBOTS.

Calvin’s Battlebot:















 Liesl’s Fashionbot:
















 Opa’s Robot, winner of Best Use of Recycled Materials:
















 Clara and Irwin’s Candybot:











And yes, the robot covered in candy did win the robot contest (as chosen by Moo).  They knew how to play to their audience!

















Happy birthday, Moobot!


3 Responses to “New York New Hmm?”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    so cute! lovin’ Moo’s legwarmers. and nice to see “Liesl & Calvin” got to join in the fun, too! The Fashionbot is my fave. : )

  2. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Actually I was a fan of Opa’s… he was the only one who thought to put an off switch on his robot in case it went crazy and started killing humans.

    Good thinking!

  3. mamarose Says:

    Good point, Wordslinger. He should have won, “Most Likely to Avoid an Evil Robot Invasion.” And Beth – Fashionbot (a.k.a. Roberta the Robot) is my favorite too – I immediately claimed her for myself and now she lives in my office.

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