Friday Blues

April 3, 2009

I’m having a little trouble remembering that I have a show to do tonight.  Having a break all week was nice, but the bad news about our canceled show makes all our effort feel a little futile, plus I’ve lost all the nervous energy I had leading up to last weekend’s shows.

All I want to think about is Moo’s birthday party. 

In a small way, I’m relieved that now I have all of Saturday to help Herbie get our house ready for the party on Sunday evening.  But Sunday will be even crazier – two cakes to decorate in the morning, then we’ll all rush off to the Sunday matinee (hopefully leaving behind a perfectly party-ready house), where the entire posse of cousins, aunts, sisters, and in-laws will watch the show, and then we’ll all rush back to our house to eat cake and open presents.

And, of course, declare the Grand Prize Winner in the home-made robot contest (winner picked by Moo).

And in all my errand-running, and fussing with prizes and cleaning and decorating, I kinda keep forgetting that I’m going to be on stage tonight singing and dancing.  Moo hasn’t forgotten, though.  She always wants me to sing songs from the show, discuss our costumes, and divulge her plans to introduce everyone in the cast to her favorite stuffed animals.

So why am I having trouble getting excited?  After all, my so-called quest is just three performances away from being dunzo.  Three more performances, and then – what?  I probably won’t be back on stage for a while.  For one thing, I am asking a lot of Herbie without exactly contributing to the family coffers.  Plus, Herbie and I might like to start on a much smaller-sized quest of our own very soon.

Maybe I don’t want to think about all this coming to an end.  I just hope it’s not another 15 years before I’m on stage again.  But at least then I’ll be old enough to actually play Mama Rose!


2 Responses to “Friday Blues”

  1. from the wings Says:

    Get ready to turn up the volume because everyone I have talked to is super excited for tonight’s show!! And I don’t just mean me 😉

  2. Beth H. Says:

    are you talkin’ about another baby?

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