Three Shows Later…

March 31, 2009

And I’m… sticky.

My boob has the tendency to try to escape one of my costumes, and Blaze had the cure:  Spray Mount!  No, not special Boob Spray Mount, but the stuff that you use on posterboard in high school presentations.  It worked very, very well.

So well that I could not get it off even when I scrubbed and scrubbed in the shower.  Then I went back to the show, sprayed some more Spray Mount on freshly scrubbed skin, and – OW.

At least my boob didn’t pop out, and my mother-in-law has now armed me with medical-grade adhesvie remover, so I’m all set for the next round of shows this weekend.

I think our first weekend went really well.  Tickets sold well, the audience seemed happy, and Moo – oh Moo.  Moo went to the Sunday matinee with Herbie, and luckily they were sitting near the back of the theatre and I couldn’t see them until the finale, or else I probably would have been crying through the whole show.  On Saturday night,  Herbie was sitting in the third row on the aisle, his head always RIGHT THERE in my peripheral vision, and I was a nervous wreck throughout the show.

But back to Sunday – as soon as I saw Herbie holding up Moo, both of them clapping, I teared up and choked through the last few lines of, “New York, New York.”  Then I ripped off my mic as quick as I could after the bows and rushed out to the lobby.  Moo and Herbie were waiting at the end of the hall.

“There’s Mommy!” said Herbie.

“Mommyyyyy!” called Moo, as she came running down the hall to me, arms outstretched.

Besides getting married and giving birth, I don’t think I’ve had a happier moment.  I scooped up Moo in my arms, and she began patting me on the chest, just like she did in Kiss Me Kate, as if to double-check and make sure this lady wearing the crazy costume and all the makeup is really her mommy.  Soon she began inspecting my sequins and hiding in my shoulder when all my castmates wanted to say hello.  But that didn’t last long, and in no time she was introducing everyone to Hop and critiquing our costumes (“Sparkly!”) and declaring her favorite songs (“The coffee song!”).  Later at the cast party, she even showed off some of her own dance moves, trying to impress Mary the director.  (Join the club, Moo!)

And now, a whole week until our final weekend of shows.  I don’t know how to feel – sad that it’s nearly over, happy that it’s nearly over – or just anxious about what comes next. 

Supposedly, there were two critics in attendance at Sunday’s show, but I haven’t found any reviews yet, so perhaps we really do have a waiting for Guffman situation here.  I have never been reviewed before, and I’m horrified at the prospect, and yet I google “world goes round review” about every 10 minutes.  …Okay, every five minutes.


2 Responses to “Three Shows Later…”

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