March 26, 2009

Tonight is opening night!  Or, technically, preview night, which means the entire cast views this as opening night, and the entire production staff views it as a final dress rehearsal.  You say finahle, I say finaale, whatever – there’s an audience.  An audience FILLED with people I know, even though I thought I made it clear after the last show that people who know me are NOT allowed to attend opening night, because it usually kinda stinks a little bit.  But noooo, my parents are coming, and bringing their lifelong friends the Bensons, as in Mrs. Benson, who taught me high school English and who I always hope will be proud of me, because she’s the kind of person that when she’s proud of you, oooh it’s just the warmiest, fuzziest feeling.  (Next to my mom being proud of me, of course.)  AND my mom invited a whole gaggle of teacher friends, AND my in-laws are coming, AND Miss Kate of “Kiss Me Kate” and Aaaaaaaah!

And, AND – apparently a critic is coming.  Mary the director was not supposed to tell us that, but I think she felt that we weren’t trying hard enough (oh, but we are we are we are, Mary), and decided we needed a little extra pressure.

So, yes, I’m feeling the pressure.  PRESSHAHH! as Billy Joel would say, who I believe is in concert downtown tonight.  I wonder if he still gets nervous, after all these years?

I confessed to my mom this morning that it’s very likely that I will hit a few wrong notes.  I can sing those harmonies backwards and forwards in rehearsal, but when it comes time to walk out on stage, my brain malfunctions.  My mom pointed out that the audience won’t mind, because people are off-key on American Idol all the time, and Randy Jackson always just gently mentions that they were a bit “pitchy.”

It’s true, “pitchy” is such a nice friendly word, but somehow, envisioning Randy Jackson’s pity face does not calm me down.

So I sought counsel.

“Break a leg!  You’ll be great,” said Herbie.

“Just have fun!” said my Mom.

And when I lamented to Mary that Chita would not have the problems I’m experiencing, she proclaimed, “Oh no – Chita messed up ALL the time.”

Hey, that IS comforting!

…Curtain up!  Light the lights!


3 Responses to “Doomsday”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    How very “Waiting for Guffman!” although i’m sure you guys are waaaaaaaaay better. really wish i could see the show! break a leg! and it is most important that you’re having fun – the audience responds to that for sure.

  2. Sallie Glerum Says:

    After following your blog leading up to this night, I’m almost as nervous as you are. Break a Leg!

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