Tech Week, Day 1

March 23, 2009

Tech week, that glorious stretch of frantic freak-outs leading up to opening night, began yesterday.  It was our first rehearsal on the stage – the first time we got to see the theatre and stage where we’ll be performing (and roller-skating).  I got there early, trying to look my very best as a personal favor to Mary, who called and requested that I wear something nice, comb my hair and put on some lipstick, so that the costume designer might be convinced that I am not, in fact, a 12-year-old girl.  So I wore my highest heels and ruffly sexy tank top and blotted on some lipstick, and Mary gave me a wink that I think meant she appreciated the transformation.

Then we tried on costumes for the first act (love my sexy-back magenta leotard) and played around with some hats and props, before beginning the terribly slow slog through each number, re-blocking and getting used to the new space.

We’re all getting a bit twitchy.  We want to just get on with it, get this show up and going, while at the same time we’re desperate for more rehearsal time.  Mary is terribly worried about one of us getting hurt in the roller-skating number, and as a result I am relegated to the bench for part of the number, and I don’t know whether to feel disappointed or relieved.  We still haven’t staged the finale, but at least I’ve learned the German I have to sing in that number (I mean, I’m probably butchering it, but only my brother- and sister-in-law will know!).  I’d love to rehearse “All That Jazz” about a million more times, but at least now there’s an actual piano (as opposed to a keyboard) for Ricky to lift me up onto, and now I’m consumed by the desire to drape myself across it a la Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys, but I don’t think that’s what Mary had in mind.

Mama, to Ricky:  “Have you ever lifted a girl up onto a piano before?”

Ricky:  “Well, not onto a piano…”


Tonight:  LIGHTS!  And wireless mics, and more costume fittings, and more re-staging, re-blocking, re-choreographing and re-configuring, until hopefully, on Thursday night, it all explodes into an orgasmic delight of musical theatre.

Or something like that.


One Response to “Tech Week, Day 1”

  1. Beth H. Says:

    sounds like so much fun!!!

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