Baby Steps

March 19, 2009

Last night we ran (well, jogged) through Act I, and while I felt pretty discouraged (a little flat sometimes, can’t remember which way to sway, cannot BREATHE), Mary the director seemed quite pleased.

My silver strappy 3-inch heels arrived and I wobbled around on those for the first half of rehearsal, pitter-pattering on tip-toe through the many songs in which we run frantically around the stage.  That’s really difficult in 3-inch heels.  It’s also going to get more difficult since the costume designer wants us to wear pantyhose.  Pantyhose inside strappy heels = I am going to slip and fall on my face.  I swear, I will glue individual rhinestones on my dance shoes if that’s what it takes to get the Powers That Be to let me wear them instead of stilettos.

Now that we all have our roller skates for “The Rink,” we also practiced roller-skating together for the first time.  It’s really kind of scary, especially since I’m now deeply paranoid about potential head injuries.  The idea was for me to use my lack of skating talent by having me careen across the stage and crash in the wings – but that means I have to actually make it all the way across the stage without falling over until I get to the wings.  Fake-careening, as it turns out, is a rather advanced roller-skating skill.

This afternoon I’m getting my hair cut and colored.  I’m going blonder!  Part of me keeps scolding myself for paying so much for a style that I wouldn’t particularly choose without the influence of the director and wig-loving cotume designer, but then again I do think it’s lovely to have an excuse to make such a big change.  Or, biggish change.  We’ll see how brave I am at the salon.


One Response to “Baby Steps”

  1. from the wings Says:

    Be brave on the skates and the style! It is all in the name of art.

    Question for the Forum: Is it going to feel like cheating if your wife suddenly looks like a different woman?

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