Eat Them Pringles, Ring Them Bells

March 10, 2009

Anyone else having Pringles for lunch?  I’ve noticed that, just like the last production, I am losing a bit of weight as rehearsals intensify, but I suspect this time it has less to do with dancing and more to do with bad habits – like Pringles for lunch.

Last night I dashed around the house, trying to get myself ready for rehearsal while chatting with Moo about potential plots for her evening puppet show – Ballerina and Nutcracker Walk Around the Castle?  Frog and Duck Have a Picnic?  I barely had time to squeeze Herbie hello and babble the dinner menu over my shoulder (“Those Lebanese meat pies that Rosalind made us, mashed potatoes, and zucchini – I know, but Moo SAID she wanted zucchini!”) before dashing out the door.  It wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot and my tummy started loudly devouring itself that I realized all I’d eaten all day was a mini-bagel and half an orange.  And here I am again, eating Pringles for lunch.  It’s actually not that different from my bachelorette days, when I survived on wheat thins and cheddar cheese.  And Diet Coke!  Oh!!!

Shoot, no Diet Coke in the house.

I need to shape up, because disease and bad knees are befalling our cast and I’ve got to stay healthy.  Ricky busted his knee (at church, he says – hmmm), and Julie has strep throat.  At least Moo’s current obsession with oranges means I’m consuming a lot of vitamin C (when she deigns to share a wedge with me).

Tonight I have the night off, and I’m looking forward to cooking dinner and sitting down with my family.  It’s been a tough week for us – I’m asking so much of Herbie, especially with all these weekend rehearsals which mean Herbie’s basically trapped in the house all weekend (since we’re a one-car/one-bike household).  And I can see Moo struggling with my constant getting-ready-to-leave status.  Every afternoon, she wakes up from her nap and scampers into the playroom, shouting, “Let’s play Show, Mommy!”  “I want to, sweetheart, but I have to get ready to go to rehearsal,” I always reply.  I suppose I should really get ready BEFORE she wakes up, but I’m wired to put things off until the last possible second.

Of course, when I am at rehearsal, I’m just a big happy musical theatre cheeseball, hamming it up and loving every second.  It’s only the saying goodbye, the long drive in between home and rehearsal, and coming home to see the remnants of evening playtime I missed that hurt quite a bit.

I’m looking forward to being Just Mommy over the summer.  But I can’t possibly see how I can give this up for good again, even when it means Pringles for lunch and missing my family.  Because even on an empty stomach, I cherish moments like Moo and I had in the car earlier, when Moo asked me what I sang at rehearsal last night.  So I sang her a verrry long song called “Ring Them Bells” (always good to teach your toddler incorrect grammar), filled with all kinds of words she doesn’t know (like Dubrovnik, matador, bronchial cough), and I expected her to cut me off at every moment.  But I sang the whole damn thing, and when I looked in the rearview mirror, her dimples were flashing and her nose was crinkling.

“Again!  Again!” she demanded.

I obliged, of course.  And… I don’t know, I kinda got this funny feeling that maybe my daughter was a little bit proud of me.

And that’s a warm and fuzzy feeling I’d like to experience again.


One Response to “Eat Them Pringles, Ring Them Bells”

  1. kristi Says:

    Pringles for lunch it is!

    (Moo isn’t the only one proud of you :))

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