Rehearsal Update

March 9, 2009

Roller Skates:  I received mine on Friday night, really expecting roller skating to be easier than I anticipated.  I was so wrong.  My feet are so heavy!  Everyone keeps telling me to just lift up one foot and drag the stopper thingy to, you know, stop – but I don’t see how that’s going to keep my other foot from continuing forward and causing me to land on my face, since that’s the law of physics, isn’t it?  An object in motion stays in motion, or something like that?  “Tends to stay in motion,” Herbie chided me.  “Just use your leg muscles.”  I AM!

Fringe:  My “All That Jazz” costume is fabulous beyond words.  There’s so much fringe, in fact, that I may choke on a few pieces during the number, but hey, I worship at the Altar of Fringe, so it’s worth it, right?

Harmonies:  Improving slowly, if somewhat inconsistently.  If we start at the beginning and sing straight through the song, I can usually hit the right notes.  But if we stop to fix choreography and re-start in the middle of a line, I’m screwed.  At least there won’t be any stopping and starting when we actually perform.

Wig:  I may have to wear one.  I really do not want to (I don’t feel like myself, in a show where I am essentially playing myself, and Moo won’t even recognize me! …In fact, no one may be able to recognize me).  In an effort to avoid wigdom, I’m getting my hair cut before the show.   I was already planning on going blonder, so what the hell, I’ll go shorter too, and hey! why not throw in some bangs as well?

Crutches:  Apparently we’re going to be dancing with those.  On purpose, not because Mary expects us all to have broken limbs by the time we open.

Hats that Light Up:  Are also going to make an appearance.

Breathing:  Is very difficult when dancing, juggling coffee cups, and roller skating.

Ticking Clock:  17 days until preview night.  Eep.


One Response to “Rehearsal Update”

  1. kristi Says:

    Breathing is over-rated.

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