35, Part 1

March 3, 2009

On Sunday, we went out to the Farm at South Mountain with my parents and in-laws for brunch, and, well… for chickens: 

















And for some quality snake play-time:












And to sing “Happy Birthday:”











I received some wonderful presents – new handmade curtains from my mom for my (remarkably still quite tidy) office, new clothes, tickets to “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” in a couple months, and from my wonderful husband, a new vacuum.

When I asked for a new vacuum, Herbie asked me three times if I was serious.  Sure I loved our old vacuum – my Grammie got it for me at Sears  about eight years ago when I moved into a new apartment.  But I had a very strong motherly instinct that it just wasn’t getting the job done anymore.  Sure enough, after I pulled the new red vacuum (which Moo named “James” after a train on “Thomas and Friends”) back and forth over the carpet a few times, we paused to take a look in the awesome window that lets you see all the dirt you just sucked up.  WHOA.  Our child was playing in that?  Eep!  Well, not anymore!  Thanks, James.  And thanks, Herbie!


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