Haiku Friday!

February 27, 2009

Already Friday,
and still haven’t watched new Lost.
Wherefore J. Bentham?


Runny nose, hack, coff!
Who can save Moo from bad cold?


Chita Rivera,
Please tell me how I can cure
My rehearsal blues.


Depressed by dead plants.
Today, Moo and I ATTACK!
More potting soil, please.


Moo: “I have idea!”
“Tell me your idea, Moo.”
“No! It’s a surprise…”


Please contribute your own haiku (5/7/5)  in the comments!  Long live Haiku Friday!


5 Responses to “Haiku Friday!”

  1. cool. to be honest, I love monday. Because is a battle between me and depression. And I like to pick up the big battles 🙂

  2. Daphne Says:

    Bubu? Don’t bring us down, its the start of the weekend!

  3. Leslie Says:

    in-laws come visit
    drive me up the friggin wall
    free babysitting

  4. from the wings Says:

    Belated Haiku.
    leaves, birds, Saturday, clear skies
    Sleeping baby, yesss.

    Mama Rose, Birthday.
    Coming this Tuesday the third.
    She’ll be…better not.

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