Fat Lip

February 21, 2009

Does anyone know how I can get blood out of my favorite sweater?

Moo just graduated to the “Gymster” class at her gym class (where kiddos run around and throw themselves into the ball pit, jump on trampolines and generally behave like crazy kids, while learning somersaults and handstands), and she’s the youngest one in the class.  She’s a little hesitant about learning new physical skills and hasn’t mastered jumping yet, but she’s definitely ready for the mental challenges presented and can dance and wiggle with the best of ’em.  But I was still a bit worried about the bigger kids – it’s a crowded class, so I hovered near Moo as older kids threw themselves about willy-nilly, limbs flying close to my little one’s unsuspecting head.

Little did I know it was the adults I should be watching out for.

When it came time for the “Special Surprise” (or whatever they call it), Jill the owner pulled out a ride-on train that clickety-clacked around a small train track.  All the kids lined up for a turn, and even Moo wanted to get out of the swing (unheard of!) to take a ride.  When it was Moo’s turn, she dutifully climbed on, declared the train “Henry,” and held on tightly for her turn around the track.  Weeeeee…done.  As Moo slowly climbed off, Jill started talking to another mom.  I guess she assumed Moo must be done climbing off by now, because she suddenly pulled the train back towards her.  Except Moo was still holding onto the steering wheel (of course trains have steering wheels!), so when Jill yanked on the train, Moo’s face went KABOOM right into the steering wheel.

I immediately scooped her up into my arms, thinking the bonk didn’t look so bad, and then as she opened her mouth to scream, I saw the blood pooling in her mouth.  I must admit I panicked a little as it begin to dribble out.  I know that mouth cuts bleed profusely and stop quickly, but still – the sight of my baby bleeding filled me with immobilizing horror for a moment.  Then Jill, looking horrified herself (damn right, Woman Who Made My Baby Bleed!) asked if she was okay, and I shook off my frozen fear as I shook my head no.  The assistant ran off for a cold gel pack, and Moo buried her head in my shoulder, bleeding all over my sweater.  I rocked her and kissed her over and over as she screamed.

Most of the mothers in this class are on their second child, toting around car seats, Baby Bjorns, or pregnant bellies.  I could see that some of them were trying to hide bemused expressions.  And I knew that it probably wasn’t that big of deal, that maybe I was only so shaken because Moo is my first child, but God, I hope I never get so jaded and exhausted as a mother that when my child splits her lip, I roll my eyes and pat her on the head.  No no no.

The assistant soon reappeared, handing me a heart-shaped, glitter-filled gel pack.  I sat Moo down and handed the magic heart to her, and watched her quickly recover as the magic heart kissed her swollen lip again and again.

“I take this home, Mommy?” she asked, holding the heart to her mouth.

I wanted to say yes and slip Jill 10 bucks for the gel pack, but I knew even with a bleeding lip, I can’t let Moo have everything she wants.  “I’m sorry, sweetheart, no – the heart stays here,” I said.

But I did buy her strawberry milk for lunch.

You can have my heart, Moo – it’s yours forever.


8 Responses to “Fat Lip”

  1. Leslie Says:

    I would have CRIED.
    You are braver than I.
    Those “on number two” moms have lost their FERVER for being a MOTHER and it is our instint to NURTURE our sweet loved.

    They can kiss my ass.

    Sorry ;0)

  2. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    She has my heart as well.

    As for your sweater… there is a chemical called Picrin (its used by some dry cleaners) and it can pretty much get anything out.

    In Arizona, the best place to find it would be: Laundry & Cleaners Supply, Inc. – Phoenix – (602) 244-0770 – Fax (602) 244-0021.

    Honestly, I don’t know what the cost is, but it really does get ANYTHING out.

    That’s the best I got. (I’m sure there are home remedies that work well too though)

  3. m Says:

    wash in cold water with regular soap. check before drying. if it still hasn’t come out use regular spray and wash on it while still wet.

    i almost lost my son when he was a year old, over protective is an understatement. but with my second one it’s not that i’ve lost my fervor or become jaded. just that i have a better feel for when it’s serious. this is something you have to experience to believe, i wouldn’t have understood this even last year. things are different the second time around, that’s all.

    so please, don’t judge till you’ve been there.

  4. pam broudy Says:

    even on my second, i have massive sympathy for other moms when their kid is clearly in pain. i am so sorry poor moo was injured 😦

    i remember benjamin was 2ish or older and he was running down the hall like a big ding dong with his pj’s unzipped. which of course traps his arms so he cant put them forward. wacko fell face first on to the floor. blood started gushing out. but i didnt want to freak him out, so i just kept a straight face. made him suck on a wet wash cloth – to help clean up the blood and figure out where exactly it was coming from. turns out it was a small bite on his lip. but holy moly the amount of blood is just amazing!!!

  5. Jen Says:

    Poor baby! I have 3 (well 5 with the steps) and if there is blood involved I automatically freak. Maybe it comes from being a pin cushion as a child? People deal with situations like this differently… However compassion and understanding is harder and harder to find. Save this experience and remember it when you are standing on the other side so you can be a source of comfort. 🙂

  6. Sunny Says:

    SALT>>>>>> I was hit with a hockey puck and the doc said salt and water before wash in cold water. It worked great.

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