February 19, 2009

You know those dreams where you’re back in high school or college and you realize you have a final exam that you forgot to study for, and furthermore you haven’t attended class all year and forgot you were even enrolled?

That’s what rehearsal felt like last night.  Unlike the first music rehearsal where e were all in the same boat, at last night’s rehearsal I fell overboard and spent three hours frantically treading water.

I don’t know anything about music.  Or, I hardly knew anything about music before Monday, and now I’m cramming information in my head as fast as I can.  Some of this information I knew years ago, just barely, when I took music theory in New York, but I really wasn’t paying attention, because I was so tired from staying up late making out with the boy next door.  Also, music theory is really boring.  Bars, measures, eighth notes, quarter-step, half-step, ritard, legato – right, right – it’s all coming back to me…just not fast enough.  And some things I just can’t do.  Like when the music director talks about the note in question being a fifth up from the current note.  Everyone else says, “Ah, a fifth:  LAAAA!”  Whereas I say, “Ah, a fifth: La? La? La?”

Monday went so well.  But last night I was the only one asking for my notes over and over and over again.  I think I felt some looks of pity.  I fear those looks will soon turn to annoyance and then anger if I don’t get the hang of it lickety-split.  I thought I could take a break from practicing yesterday.

I was so very wrong.


3 Responses to “Off-Key”

  1. Millie Says:

    Kat – I am hearing your frustration/panic. Would you like an early birthday present of some voice lessons with our music director at church? She has a studio near you (19th & Bell) and was the music directory at Grand Canyon University. A wonderful soprano. I’m very serious and it would be our pleasure. Say the word and I will ask her. Millie

  2. Katie Burke Says:

    Ack – I hate that dream! It feels so real, doesn’t it? But then, you wake up and realize that whatever it was the dream symbolized, you’re way more “on it” than you’d feared.

    Maybe there’s a metaphor in that for you. Not to invalidate your assessment that you really were off last night. But that was last night. The nightmare is over, maybe?

  3. KATE Says:

    I’m here and available to help out after Wednesday (bar exam) Call or email me.

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