Curse You, Madonna, For Bringing Back French-Cut Leotards

February 18, 2009

Highlights of Last Night’s Rehearsal:

* Costume Fitting!  Buh-bye tiny shorts, hello fringe skirt.  I practically squealed when they said the word “fringe.”  Oh, the fringe and I have a long-standing love affair.  I would wear fringe every day if I could, but I think I’d get my food stuck in it all the time.  And nobody wants yogurt-caked fringe.  Other costume news:  Shiny satin! Sparkly jackets!  Sparkly sparkles, and glittery glitter!  Roller skates with pom-poms, strappy silver shoes, and french-cut leotards!  (Must schedule bikini wax…)

* Wireless Mics! (mikes?)  This place is the real deal.  Everyone in the cast (including the college sophomore) nodded knowingly when the costume designer mentioned she’d include “mic packs” in our leotards, and I’m thinking, “Whaaaa?”  I guess that means this time everyone in the audience will be able to hear us, and I should not swear under my breath.  Does that mean I can’t swear in the wings, either?

* Rehearsal Space!  Although the theatre’s budget is big enough for custom french-cut leotards with built-in mic packs, we will be rehearsing in an “unfinished” building.  I hope “unfinished” means “we’re just finishing up the paint job,” and not “please try not to disturb the homeless squatters.”  We were told to dress warmly.  Perhaps I’d better bring some blankets for the homeless, as well.  I hope they like my singing.

* Quick Intro of the Cast!  Duckie – the veteran character actor.  Looks like Jon Cryer, which the director pointed out repeatedly.  Don’t know if this drives him crazy or not.  Ricky – theatre major at ASU.  This is his second show, just like me, you know, the 34-year-old.  Sigh.   Julie, with the voice of an angel, who has two boys in grade school and who, like me, started visibly twitching to get home when the director made noises about ending our pow-wow.  And last, Blaze, the jazz singer who is about 7 feet tall, always dressed to the nines and always wearing a funky hat.  I feel like such a schlub around her that yesterday, I spent a bunch of money on clothes at Target (what a splurge!) during a quick stop for bananas.  I miss having time to shop.

*  As we left the meeting and walked to our cars, Duckie said he recognized me from “Kiss Me Kate.”  According to Duckie, I was very “expressive” and also, it “looked like you were really into it.”  Um.  Is that a compliment?  

Have a very expressive evening, everyone.


2 Responses to “Curse You, Madonna, For Bringing Back French-Cut Leotards”

  1. from the wings Says:

    I’d like to point out that actors, in general, are virtually incapable of providing a compliment to another actor unless it is in response to another compliment. Sorry actors, but it’s true. Notice Actor B in this scenario.

    Actor A: “Nice job tonight!”
    Actor B: “Thanks, you too!”

    You might notice that the initial compliment came from an actor (A) and herein lies the conundrum. Who initiates the compliment? The answer: no one. And now we have exposed a vicious cycle of non-action. So, what we have seen from Duckie is in fact a great compliment indeed as he was able to break the pattern and speak in favor of another actor and not as a reply.

    The Why’s of this phenomenon will be covered in my next series: The Actor and the Ego.

  2. KATE Says:

    Re mikes: Watch it if you have to go the bathroom during the show and don’t even think about having a quick rendezvous with Herbie backstage!

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