Yuma, the Happiest Place on Earth (Sorry, Disneyland)

February 16, 2009

I hate to admit it, but my sister and I grew up inwardly rolling our eyes whenever my dad would go on and on about how Yuma is the most wonderful city ever created on God’s good Earth.  I mean – Yuma.  The name practically sounds like a yawn.

But this time around, my dad planned wisely.  For Moo’s introduction to Yuma, he pulled out all the stops.

Ice cream!  That glorious wonder of gourmet cuisine, Applebees!  A hotel room with a giant bed!  And how ’bout a parade?  We could sit and watch it in this park, which used to be my dad’s childhood home.  (Hey, if your house is going to be torn down, let it become a park, right?  Better than a 7-11.)











Then, let’s take a little walk around the new(ish) West Wetlands Park.

















According to my dad, the park used to be a landfill.  I’d say it’s improved a little:











That is a CASTLE playground.  Truly the coolest playground I’ve ever seen.  I am composing a letter as we speak:  “Dear City of Phoenix,  Please do this (see attached.)  Love, Mama Rose.  P.S. Love that light-rail!”



























Yes, that is a dragon (and a slide!) climbing down the side of the castle.  The park also has a hummingbird garden, an owl habitat (bad news for those hummingbirds living next door), a small lake and green rolling hills (under which, presumably, my dad’s old ice cream wrappers lay quietly deteriorating.)

A reason to visit Yuma!  It’s an Arizona miracle!  And Moo was completely won over:
















Well played, father o’mine.


**We were having so much fun at the park, we never made it to the rodeo.  Oh well.  I don’t think Moo would have been too crazy about seeing her namesakes get thrown to the ground and tied up with a rope.


2 Responses to “Yuma, the Happiest Place on Earth (Sorry, Disneyland)”

  1. pam broudy Says:

    hard to believe that yuma can look that nice 😉

  2. […] 12, 2010 Remember when we went to Yuma last year at this time?  Well, we’re headed back again tomorrow, and yes, we are actually […]

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