Tumbling Tumbleweeds

February 13, 2009

We’re off to Yuma today.

Yuma, you ask?  What is that? Some sort of colonic clinic?  Perhaps a nudist resort?

No, no.  Yuma, Arizona is a lovely city in southern Arizona, of course, and just happens to be where my father grew up, in a boarding house started by my great-grandmother back when Arizona was still a territory.  (Or something like that.)  Did I mention I’m a third-generation native-Arizonan?  Oh yes.  I know you are jealous.

So there’s a rodeo in Yuma and we’re heading down with my parents to revel in all things horse, bull, and calf.  I hear there’s a parade, and you know how I can’t resist one of those.

Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!


One Response to “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”

  1. kristi Says:

    Third-generation? Seriously, you should be on the news.

    Rodeo? Parade? I knew I liked you.

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