Haiku Friday!

February 6, 2009

My to-do list grows
while my desire to not-do
grows even stronger


Cursed harmonies
You haunt my days and my nights
and assault my ears


Michael Phelps smoked pot-
Oh no! The horror! Who cares?
I guess the news does.


Moo on Superbowl:
“Red one say, ‘Are you okay?’
Then run to mommy!”


Rod Blagojevich,
Your mad foolishness cheers me
during these dark times.


Happy Haiku Friday, everyone!  Don’t forget to support Haiku Friday™ by contributing your own haikus in the comments section!  (Haiku format:  5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables)


3 Responses to “Haiku Friday!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Haiku Friday YAY
    Brings me joy Brings me joy YAY
    I love Haiku Days

    lady has eight babes
    she already has six kids
    I think shes crazy
    (reference to octuplet lady)

    William is Crying
    wa wa wa wa wa wa wa
    mommy drinks wine-o

    leslie claps when she
    writes haikus for haiku days
    counting syllables

  2. Haiku Poems Says:

    colored-lights explode
    as we all eagerly watch
    New Year countdown

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    As we do freeform haiku you might not be interested, but if you are still curious, check the link by my name. 😉

    Alan Summers
    With Words
    Japan Times award writer for haiku

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