What’s in a Name?

February 5, 2009

Moo and I went over to play with Moo’s friend Hit-It today, and I lucked out, because Moo happened to be in a generous mood (read: Hit-It has cool toys), so I got to spend about an hour holding Hit-It’s sweet preemie little sisters.

I was happy to find that it all came back – rocking, bouncing, the sway-rock, the dip-sway, the jiggle-rock, the bounce/back-pat combo.  And they do smell so good.  I wouldn’t mind having another one someday, if Moo approves.  We’d probably have to give her naming rights. 

Hello, Pink Cupcake Sprinkles Turtle Baby.

Moo herself came very close to having a different name.  Herbie and I went round and round with different names and could never decide, partly because I was having so much fun writing out all the different name possibilities on countless notepads, sticky-notes, and grocery lists.  We really wanted her name to have great meaning, and I really wanted her name to have nickname possibilities (for example, “Elizabeth” can also be “Beth” or “Lizzy,” whereas “Claire” can pretty much only be “Claire.”)  I liked the idea of my daughter having many moniker options.

So I was due soon and we still hadn’t decided.  We didn’t mind waiting until the big day, but I found that everywhere I went, people asked me if we’d decided on a name.  “No…,” I’d say vaguely.  Sometimes I’d throw out a dark horse candidate just to appease them.  “We kind of like Camille,” I’d say.  Then they would invariably jump in with their own story about a sister or ex-boss who named their child something ridiculous.

Then just a few days before Moo was born, I went to Target to buy some karmic, come-on-baby cute pajamas, which the checkout lady admired.  We went through the do-you-have-a-name routine, as I inwardly groaned and wished she’d hurry up so I could heave my aching body back home and onto the couch.  And then she told me – seems a lady was just in the other day, buying a shower present for her pregnant daughter.  She was all in a tither because supposedly her daughter had decided on a name, a name so delightful and perfect that it made me bounce happily all the way back to the car and even dance around the house a little, which is not easy to do when you weigh 375 pounds.

And that’s how Moo almost became “Bunches Begonia.”

Come to think of it, “Pink Cupcake Sprinkles Turtle” is almost as good!


P.S. No, I’m not pregnant, Mom.


6 Responses to “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Leslie Says:

    a) I love Moo’s name (the real one, not Moo) – you’ll have to tell me how Moo came about one day
    b) We experienced the same, except Pat basically wouldn’t budget – it was to be William, regardless of what I – the one carrying said child – thought. I hated the name at first for many reasons and I wasn’t excited about the nicknames – Bill, Billy, Willy… but eventually it felt right.

    • mamarose Says:

      Does the name William have great meaning to your husband? Did he let you pick the middle name to make up for it? I would have given him like five middle names. 😉 I’ve always liked the nickname Will. You always know a guy named Will is going to be a great friend. I picked Moo as a blog name because she went through a huge cow phase (and still loves them.) Also we used to spend many hours wandering grocery store aisles playing the first game we ever invented, “Find the Cow.” There are LOTS of cows in grocery stores, and each time she spotted one, she’d yell, “MOOO!” She really has a marvelous “moo” call. I really loved our find-the-cow games – hence, “Moo.”

  2. kristi Says:

    I can’t wait til Moo’s a big sister! Hurry up!! 😉 You will not think it vaguely possible to love another so much…. and then you will wholeheartedly.

  3. pam broudy Says:

    i know what you mean about names. we didnt find out the sex of either kid until they came out so we had names picked for both possibilities. with so many family members on abe’s side, we kept names on the hush hush because we didnt want to deal with the “but i wanted that name!” crap. you can imagine the bizarre silence on the other end when abe revealed our daughter’s name to my side of the family. they were a bit weirded out. they seem to have come around. i guess yael was too ethnic for them! LOL

    • mamarose Says:

      Wow, you guys have lots of willpower, resisting finding out the sex. We found out as soon as possible. We kept it hush-hush, too, although we really didn’t decide until the first few minutes after she was born. She’s named after our grandmothers (Grandma Moo and Grandma Oink, of course), so I think the family was pretty happy. 🙂 I think Yael is a beautiful name. Isn’t there a Jewish tradition of using the first initial of a relative in naming your child? Did you follow that?

  4. pam broudy Says:

    i am unfamiliar with that tradition. the traditions i am familiar with are ashkenazic (which is european jews) and they do NOT name after any living family member. and then sephardic (middle eastern and from spain, south america, etc) which DO name after living relatives. i am ashkenazic and my husband is sephardic. but the short answer is that we just liked the name and we did not name after a relative hahah

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