A Bit of Housekeeping…

January 22, 2009

Just thought you might want to know that there’s a new(ish) feature on the ol’ blog.  Apparently, now you can subscribe to receive updates on comments.  (Perhaps some of you have already figured this out?)  What’s nice is that you don’t receive an email for every single comment made on every single post, only when there’s a new comment made on a post on which you’ve already commented.  Just like Facebook!

Next time you make a comment, you’ll notice that below your comment, it says “subscribe to comments?” (or something like that) with a little box to check.  If you want to subscribe, check away.  If not, just ignore.  And please be aware that your “subscription” applies only to that post.  Each time you want to be updated on comments on a particular post, you have to check the little box again.

Hope that makes sense.  I have only been awak 25 minutes, and I’m attempting to cobble together complete sentences without any coffee.  I can hear the sweet nectar dripping away in the kitchen, and I, it’s humble servant, await its pleasant beeping…


2 Responses to “A Bit of Housekeeping…”

  1. kristi Says:

    It must take 30 minutes to be awakE. 🙂

  2. Wordslinger for Hire Says:

    Point of order:

    “Nectar”, by definition, is a sugar rich liquid produced by plants. While the coffee bean is indeed produced by a plant, it is not, in fact, a liquid nor does it contain sugar (that is unless the drinker decided to dump some in). So really, isn’t there a better name for it?

    (I really don’t care about the use of the word “nectar”… I just was gonna try this comment subscription thing and needed to write something)

    Hope you’re awake now!

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