Lost! Beloved Bunny!

January 12, 2009

Attention one and all!  Moo has lost her best friend!

Answers to “Hop.”  About 8 inches high.  Very long ears.  Used to be yellow, now more of a beige-brown.  Very dirty.  Pinkish nose.  Distinct odor.  Wears a bow around his neck, which also used to be yellow. Won’t complain if dragged through dirt or thrown from grocery cart.  Likes carrots.  Likes to hop.  Very huggable. 

Last seen: clutched in Moo’s hand as she woke up from her nap yesterday.

If found, please cuddle immediately.




2 Responses to “Lost! Beloved Bunny!”

  1. Millie Says:

    Whoa! This is a near tragedy. Alert the media. She can have Jump (Hop’s brown, soft, plush friend with a carrot) if she needs to. Where can Hop BE? Is she able to sleep without him? Or, is this a test? Do you not have another Hop stashed away? Concerned! Millie

  2. kristi Says:


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