Luckily, Rosalind Always Keeps Garlic Nearby

January 9, 2009

Since we’ve been talking about how Rosalind’s so great and everything, I just had to share a couple of my all-time favorite photos.  Rosalind took these when Moo was 11 months old: 















See, first Moo tempts you closer by offering you Cheerios and flashing her dimples, and THEN when she’s got you right where she wants you:

















5 Responses to “Luckily, Rosalind Always Keeps Garlic Nearby”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    That’s hilarious!

  2. pam Says:

    she is so cute!! i love the vampire baby look LOL

  3. Millie Says:

    The top one is in my office on top of the book case for all to see. I introduce her as Dracula Baby. Everyone thinks she’s adorable, as do Opa and Oma!

  4. kristi Says:

    I’m a little scared right now…

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